Halima Cassell 25

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Publication Date: September 2022
ISBN: 978-1-5272-5046-8
252 pages, 245 x 245 mm, over 900 colour photographs, soft cover; 8-page gatefold

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25 years of carving into materials

Published to mark an extraordinary twenty-five year period of carving into materials, this book documents Halima Cassell’s development as an artist and the biographical journey of her artistic practice.

Cassell is an artist of consummate skill and ingenuity. Her distinctive style integrates bold forms with an infinite variety of deeply carved, complex patterns, where form meets shadow. She draws inspiration from geometry found in nature, her surroundings and from her own heritage, all of which have become the basis of Cassell’s visual vocabulary.

This important publication was made possible with part funding from the Arts Council.  It is a record of the creative output of one of today’s finest sculptors, whose work is held in leading national and international collections, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Hepworth Wakefield and Birmingham Art Gallery. It is also the biographical journey of an artist’s creative development, from her earliest creative beginnings to her significant, ongoing installation, Virtues of Unity.

  • Essays by art critics, curators and colleagues provide revealing analysis of Cassell’s work and practice
  • Includes a richly illustrated catalogue spanning twenty-five years of work
  • Over 900 colour photographs of Cassell’s work and methods, including maquettes, sketches, work in progress, exhibitions and work in situ
  • Uniquely accessible to a wide range of readers: specialists, collectors, students of art, museum and gallery and the general public
  • Suitable for art institutions, museums and galleries and educational establishments
  • 25 prints, each in a limited edition of 25, are available to purchase to coincide with the publication of the book.

  • One of the many strengths and charms of Halima Cassell’s meticulously carved and technically accomplished work is the range of associations evoked by its patterned and geometrical forms. Through these, the work possesses an ability to speak to people in different ways.
    – Jon Wood, art historian and curator

  • Her signature material is clay, which she moulds and carves with natural authority and no little dexterity. Her crisply cut and satisfying forms live on in the mind… She is a force of nature.
    – Andrew Lambirth, art critic

  • Her way of working is highly unusual, starting with a block of almost dry clay and cutting into it... This reductive process is courageous. Carving is a one-way process and requires a clarity of vision and deep understanding of three-dimensional form.
    – Peter Randall-Page, Sculptor

  • The evolution of Cassell’s practice bears evidence, to date, of a path away from rigid geometrical structures towards more flexible ways of working, melding and synthesising her influences and interests.
    – Judith LeGrove, writer and curator

  • Cassell’s work transcends traditional boundaries between craft and fine art.
    – Janet Boston, curator, Manchester Art Gallery