Virtues of Unity

This piece is my reflection on the shared commonality of the human race. Whilst we appear superficially different so we are also fundamentally the same; we are one species, united by our DNA regardless of cultural background, religion or skin colour. 

The clay for this piece has been gathered from across the globe and presents an exciting diversity of textures and colours reflecting the geology and climate of their places of origin. 

I have hand carved each piece in a soft, curvilinear style with holes allowing light to form a penetrative link from one carving to the next. By giving my work a common stylistic thread it symbolises the fact that there is more common ground that unites us as human beings than that which divides and separates us. We all come from the clay of the earth and eventually we all return to that same clay. Each piece is titled to suggest a different virtue that associates us all with our aspirational values

Our differences bring richness and variety to our lives. This piece will continue to evolve as I seek out different clays, enjoying the exploration of each one's distinctive character and identity.

Halima Cassell

“The most inspiring ceramic work I have seen in thirty years! Beautiful, mesmerising, powerful and thoughtful. Genius! Love, love, love this work.
– Judith