Virtues of Unity - Get Involved

I would be delighted, whilst on your travels, if you were able to help me source clay. If you would like to get involved please fill out the form below.

Once all clays have been sourced, there will be a hardback publication which will include information about the overall project and, more importantly, a paragraph about each of the individual contributors or organisations. The paragraph would consist of the contributor's name (and any other details they wish to submit), where their clay came from, the purpose of their visit (holiday, work, visiting family etc), some information about the area the clay was sourced from, and what the clay is generally used for.

 Please Note: The quantity of wet clay needed: 12 - 16kg, or dry clay: 7 - 12kg. 

Information Required: The minimum and maximum firing temperatures of the clay and what the clay is mainly used for in the local area.

 If you are interested in getting involved, I can send you a PDF or hard copy of the Virtues of Unity Booklet. 

Please enter the destination that you will be visiting:

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  • “A Wondrous exhibition, truly amazing structures your dreams deliver out of this world ideas, created with the fabric of the Earth. Thank you"
    – Susan

  • “Beautiful and exquisite work reveals a deep peace I was not expecting to find a new way to think “
    – Ellen

  • “Existentially challenging and exciting. The pieces feel like a tribute and simultaneously a warning to humanity.
    – Anonymous

  • I really enjoyed the range of materials you have experimented with, and how you are collecting and using clays from around the world to signify unity and togetherness through art. Congratulations, I can’t wait to see what you create next!
    – Mella Moylan

  • Existentially challenging and exciting. The pieces feel like a tribute and simultaneously a warning to humanity

  • Formidable and strongly female

  • It’s like something had forgotten but always known…Thanks

  • “The most inspiring ceramic work I have seen in thirty years! Beautiful, mesmerising, powerful and thoughtful. Genius! Love, love, love this work.
    – Judith