Halima Cassell Eclectica - Global Inspirations Exhibition

Halima Cassell MBE - Meet the Makers | Glyndebourne

Shape of Things

Light Catcher

This video is about Halima Cassell's Light Catcher Sculpture, featured on BBC Country File


Art UK: Sculptors' techniques

Halima Cassell is a sculptor who enjoys the carving process and is most famous for her intricate and beautiful ceramic pieces. We caught up with her at her studio and she talks about carving clay, her love of art and maths and how she became an artist.


Halima Cassell MBE - Meet the Makers | Glyndebourne

We talk to sculptor Halima Cassell MBE about her exhibition at Glyndebourne Festival 2021.

Featuring nine sculptures in materials including cast iron, marble, jesmonite, concrete and bronze, the exhibition includes four new site-specific works for the Glyndebourne gardens. 

The Benefit of Outside Support

Natural Geometry

Things of Beauty Growing Study Day: Halima Cassell & Alison Britton

This study day, which took place on Monday 18 June 2018, was organised in partnership with Yale Center for British Art (YCBA) and The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. It concluded the display of the exhibition Things of Beauty Growing: British studio pottery, which had been presented at both institutions. 


A Change of Heart - Interview with Halima Cassell

The University of Leicester's 12th Annual Sculpture in the Garden Exhibition



This film shows a rotating view of the contemporary sculpture Calliope by Halima Cassell, which is a new acquisition presented by the Art Fund. The film was created by a series of still photographs of the object which were taken just after the sculpture arrived

Interview on 'Calliope'

This video shows Rebecca Bridgman, Curator of Islamic Art, interviewing artist Halima Cassell about her sculpture 'Calliope'.  The sculpture is a new acquisition presented by the Art Fund and is on display at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Delivery and photography of the new acquisition: Calliope

This behind the scenes video shows the arrival and photography of a new acquisition presented by the Art Fund. The contemporary sculpture, called Calliope, was made by the artist Halima Cassell. It will be on display at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

  • She was sketching constantly and continually sought to transpose her drawings into sculptural forms. The surface as well as the shapes emerged together in sculpture which often combined enormous complexity with simplicity and unity.
    – Helaine Blumenfeld OBE FRBS Dlitt

  • The most inspiring ceramic work I have seen in thirty years! Beautiful, mesmerising, powerful and thoughtful. Genius! Love, love, love this work.
    – Judith Ramsgate, 53 years old

  • It is not easy to put into words the effect that Halima Cassell’s remarkable ceramic sculptures have on you when you first encounter a well displayed section of her work
    – Zachary Kingdom

  • The work is of a high standard and creates an interesting contrast to the Da Vinci drawing. Can see the evolution of the process and the sculptures convey different ideas and theories. An excellent artist.
    – Jina

  • Working mostly with ‘naked clay’, that is without the use of glaze or slip, Cassell first carefully carves and then smoothes and burnishes to remove any blemishes, so virtually making the surface ‘ disappear’, leaving the form clean and prominent
    – Emmanuel Cooper

  • Her signature material is clay, which she moulds and carves with natural authority and no little dexterity. Her crisply cut and satisfying forms live on in the mind… She is a force of nature.
    – Andrew Lambirth, Art Critic - Spectator Magazine

  • Her profound understanding of the geometric rules governing any given pattern, allow her to bend, or even break them.
    – Peter Randell-Page, Sculptor

  • She set very high standards for herself and was tireless in her efforts to reach them. After just three months she was able to carry out complex, compelling, delicate and dynamic work.
    – Helaine Blumenfeld OBE FRBS Dlitt

  • Beautiful – amazing to see someone work with such a variety of material to create such stunning, intricate pieces. I can imagine them out in the world, near water and nature. Beautiful, thank you.

  • I find her work uplifting, I would never consider buying it solely as an investment
    – Eric Knowles (Ceramics Expert)